Monday, August 11, 2008

Back into performing... Awesome but a bitch

Yup.. Just like how ACDC sang it.. 'yes i'm back... i'm back in blA-a-A-aa-ck!'

Back into the performing scene can be refreshing and mind boggling at the same time.. Try feeling the adrenaline rush at the same time as your body feeling as if it's rooted to the ground.. Really tiring! Each time after i finish performing, i feel as if i've ran a marathon.. Perhaps a sign of aging? Nah... i'm not old.. who am i kidding? myself?

So this time, i'm back with another band.. Ridge.. Have got a good feeling about this.. Guess i finally got over the fears of the band breaking up.. Nevertheless, looking forward to more upcoming performances!

Gotta entertain the world if the world ain't doing much to entertain me...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A tribute to mum

I have been wrong...

I used to think my mum hates me... But now i know i'm wrong.. I have left home.. to search for independence.. and i suddenly realized... it was also to mend the relationship between me and my dearest mum. I'd rather move out then quarrel with my mum cos to this point, i realized whenever i quarrel with mum, i'm hurt not because i'm hurt by her.. i'm hurt because i hurt her.

Mum, i just want to dedicate this post to give a shoutout that i love you and i could never ever get a better mum than you. For these past few days, i have been thinking of you..

Your son

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Random humour...

Firstly, i'd like to comment about the above picture... First, menthos came in tubes, then boxes and then now, yoghurt menthos.. what's next? Nasi Lemak menthos??? You know... it's just like mac products.. Don't get the wrong idea... i have an Ipod video, a Macbook and an Imac and i love all 3 of them.. but the new products just keep on comin... somewhat like a brilliant movie but with endless sequels.. At the least, Starwars ended at 6...

It was a rather slow moving day but there were several insteresting instances..

Firstly, when i got into the lift of my block in the early afternoon, an old lady asked me: "Boy ah... how many?" It got me figuring and figuring and then it suddenly struck me.. She meant to ask: "Boy ah... which floor?" But eventually, i replied her: "9 of them".. of course trying to be cheeky.. Guess what she replied? "9 floor la.. Now very important to say english ploperly you know..." I almost fainted.

Secondly, while i was buying the tickets for 'Chronicles of Narnia', there was this uncle queueing up in front of me. Guess what tickets he wanted to buy? 'Iron Man'. Excuse me uncle... you're pretty much too late... Then he had to ask the poor salesgirl at the ticketing counter why isn't Iron Man screened anymore? And he was pretty adamant on getting to watch Iron Man. So much that the Ah Beng behind me wanted to offer him his pirated DVD! I almost fainted.... again.

Thirdly, while watching 'Chronicles of Narnia', i realized that this 'Prince Caspian' spoke in a weird slang.. very different from all the other characters in the movie.. But later on figured it was probably planned that way to signify a vast difference between him and the other characters. This WISE man sitting behind me had the same question posed to him by his girlfriend. Girlfriend:" Baby, why is Prince Caspian speaking in such a different slang?" WISE man:"Orh... cos he is the lion" I almost burst out laughing. Now... what kinda dimwit would think that way?!

Sorry for the random post.. but i just had to share these with you guys.. It made my day awesome.. Hope it'll make yours too!

Your friendly Mohican

Friday, May 23, 2008

Insomanic nights...

Yes.. it's comin to 2am in the morning and i lay sleepless on my bed even though i have to wake up at 645am which is in fact, a few hour's time...

Just these few days, it feels as though my mind is working on an overloaded machine.. think overloaded washing machine with loads of foam coming out.. only that i'm not foaming from my mouth...

Word of advice to all... if you seem to have lost me, i'm just zoning out for a while.. will be back real soon..

I'm finally going back into the performing scene.. 7 years later.. I've laid low for a long time and i guess this is my final shot in a band.. if this doesn't work out, shaun is going solo.. It's not that i hate the band scene.. i love working in a band.. but bands are somewhat worst than a bitchy GF.. if it goes fine, you're having all the fun in the world.. but if it goes bad, it's gonna bite you real hard and you pay for it with blood, sweat and time.. not to mention money.. So... i would really rather go thru a breakup with a really bitchy GF rather than a breakup with a band.. But well.. I'm really enjoying teaching music now.. Watch all my students awe at the fact that they have improved and suffer when the training gets tough.. LOL

Anyway, i suppose the next few months will be pretty eventful.. Stay tuned!

Til then, bear with me...
Signing off,
Phil Mycok

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Songs of the heart

I haven't heard from her ever since... Her voice lingers in my ears, leaving a never ending trail of songs... Her face lingers on in my mind, imprinting an image ever so fine... Your distance makes absence unbearable... Just like how darkness is the absence of light.. But, nothin i can do about it. I do not own you, you are not my possession. I could only wait at a corner, waiting for the best thing to come.. which is you..

Yearning for you
Is perhaps most beautiful
Dreaming of you
Is love's cruel tool
Thinking of you
Am i a fool
Being with you
Can it be my one and only rule?

Monday, March 31, 2008

I've been sick...

It's been a long long time... yet again.... since i've updated my blogs.. How negligent can i get?!

Anyway, a few updates.. I'm no longer with Rhythm 'N' Moves.. I'm with Massive Productions right now.. Perhaps for the better.. Since this production is doing music.. Suits me better as well..

Figured since i'm self-quarantined at home, might as well make use of this time to update my blog.. Hmmm... Am teaching in 3 schools now.. Pioneer Primary, Bukit Batok Secondary and Sengkang Secondary.. Love my students in Sengkang Secondary.. They're witty and lovely.. I guess, being a music instructor, it really goes a long way when your students make you feel appreciated.. Sometimes i really wonder.. Students nowadays are so fortunate to be able to learn about music during their school hours.. Why do some of them attend the music classes as though they were forced to? Oh.... Anyway... hahahahha... there was a principal who asked if i could comb my hair "down" instead of "up".. Lemme tell you guys a secret... The secret behind how i can identify with my students so easily... is actually my hair.. It cuts down the invisible barrier that students have with teachers.. Really does! But i bet my parents will beg to differ...

Oh well... Anyways, hope to be able to take a few photos of my class for you guys to see soon!

Gotta first get well from a terrible cough, blocked nose and blocked ears... Terrible...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Flying around like a bee

Sorry guys... have been a little busy.. Just opened a music and dance studio called "Rhythm 'N' Moves" with a few partners.. Seems like my entrepreneur experience is gonna start soon!

This opportunity has opened up my eyes into the world of dance as well... Really interesting! But nah... I ain't gonna dance.. Don't think i'm cut out for it.. There's a reason why i teach vocals instead eh... tsk tsk.. hahahahha!

Now i'm currently also teaching percussion in Outram Secondary School.. Went there early this morning! 730am!!! Wow... when was the last time i woke up that early?... Stepping into the school made me feel old.. Didn't exactly make me feel like i'm a teacher.. It just made me feel very old.. I guess it's starting to hit me.. i AM getting older! Time to really plan for my future..

Nevertheless, my studio is at 5B, Trengganu Street, Chinatown.. Do drop by when you guys are free!

NZ Experience!

Sorry for disappearing for such a long long long time.. here are some of my favourite NZ photos..